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Short Film - When 20 years of anger, jealousy, and contempt boil over, two brothers must take one night to reconcile, let the last man stand.

New big brother Zachary welcomes Adam home from the hospital. Over the next 20 years, brotherly love devolves into rivalry, fueled by jealousy and disappointment. One fateful night at a bar, Zach runs into his younger brother with a choice: reconcile or let the last man stand.
We partnered with Rise For Youth so formerly incarcerated youth can learn about film industry opportunities.

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The Team Behind "Brrrother"

Chris T. Dabrowski
James Moore
B. Cherie Patterson
Jason Sheppard.
Matt Feldhaus
Chris Leary
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4 Star Poster

“4 Star”

Webseries - What does Jake, an overworked and under appreciated security guard, have to say about this 4-star hotel?

Jake is a security guard moseying through his humdrum life at the 4-star hotel where he works. That is until a “documentary crew” shows up to capture all the antics, insults, flirting, and bafoonery among the hotel staff.

If you miss The Office, you won’t want to miss this.

Currently in Pre-Production

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"Saint Charles"

Micro Short Film - One night, Lucy comes home to discover her husband washing blood from his hands. It isn't his.

Charles is an average white collar, dedicated husband, or so his wife thought. After a truncated wine night, Lucy finds finds Charles washing blood off of his hands in their bathroom sink. Confronting him, Charles must think quickly to draw the line between confiding a dark secret or adding her to the list. For better or worse, til death do us part.

Coming Summer 2020

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"Londyn & James"

Feature Film - Revenge is a dish best served by them.

Underground powerhouse couple Londyn and James will stop at nothing to exact revenge on the killer of their childhood friend. On their war path, they discover their friend Sam was in more then he bargained for and uncover more questions than answers.

Premiered July 2019

Coming to Amazon Prime

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