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Short Film - A tale of two brothers as old as the first, with a twist you won’t believe is coming. 

New big brother Zachary welcomes Adam home from the hospital. Over the next 20 years, brotherly love devolves into jealously and anger. One fateful night at a bar, Zach runs into his younger brother with a choice: reconcile or let the last man stand.
We partnered with Rise For Youth so formerly incarcerated youth can learn about film industry opportunities.



The Team Behind "Brrrother"



Micro Short Film - You think you know a guy. Especially a husband.

Charles is an average white collar, dedicated husband, or so his wife thought until she finds him washing blood off of his hands in their bathroom sink.

Coming April 2020



Feature Film - Revenge is a dish best served by them.

Underground powerhouse couple Londyn and James will stop at nothing to exact revenge on the killer of their childhood friend. On their war path, they discover their friend Sam was in more then he bargained for and uncover more questions than answers.

Premiered July 2019

Coming to Amazon Prime