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Our Partners

Rise For Youth
Red Door Rancher

Rise For Youth

Non-Profit for Former Incarcerated Youth

Shatterverse Entertainment

Graphic Designer and Film Production Company

Tri Jay Productions

Black Owned Film Production Company

Red Door Rancher

Hampton Roads Rental Home

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We Tried It.
We Love It.
We Think You Will Too.

We partnered with Nomatic. They produce "the most functional gear you'll ever need." From their camera bags to backpacks to planners, our team never gets to set without it. Who knows? Maybe you'll love them as much as we do...though that's a tough goal to reach.

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Our Sponsors

At Salute the Moon, a Sponsor is any person or organization willing to support the film making process in a capacity comfortable and practical to them, whether through providing a location, rendering services, financially giving, or donating time.

Black Flag Brewing Co.

Glad Fabrix

Crooked Crab Brewing

Howard County Open Space Management Department

Howard County Police Department

Tara Padilla

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